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Introducing ScanNCall by Kivasa Pvt Ltd

With our ScanNcall app to Connect Car Owner system, gone are the days of leaving your mobile no. on windshields or struggling to locate the owner of a parked car. Most of the time while park your vehicle in any place like outside your residence, office, roadside, market or mall, parking area, etc, somehow you wrongly park your car/vehicle, OR forget to roll up your car window, OR you parked your vehicle in front of someone’s house, street, shop etc, that time anyone wants to contact a car/vehicle owner. for to inform like your car window is open , or want to side your vehicle from their gate, OR sort of emergency, there are so many reasons. so that time car/vehicle does not have owner contact no, how one can contact to car/vehicle owner? Now The ScanNcall QR CODE on your vehicle helps people to connect with you whenever required. so that you can take necessary action.

This innovative product revolutionizes the way car owners can connect with each other without the need to share personal contact details. With its advanced technology and robust security measures, it ensures a hassle-free and secure experience for all vehicle users.

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ScanNCall App Features

ScanNCall provides you with a QR code, which you can paste on your windshield and let others contact you if there is an issue with your parking. Here are the top 6 features that come with ScanNCall-


Each vehicle equipped with our ScanNcall to Connect Car Owner system features a unique QR code prominently displayed on the windshield. Anyone who needs to connect the vehicle owner can simply scan the QR code using their smartphone's camera or our scanNcall app. You can instantly connect with the car owner.


Direct Connection: With a simple tap, you can initiate a phone call directly from your device to the car owner's phone. There is no need to manually dial the number. Convenience: With the tap-to-call functionality,


The beauty of this system lies in its secure nature. The ScanNcall Connect system ensures that your personal contact details are never shared with the person scanning the QR code. Instead, the system establishes a secure and anonymous connection between the two parties. This way, you can communicate. while maintaining your privacy and security.


Privacy protection: Your personal contact details remain secure and undisclosed throughout the communication process.


Say goodbye to outdated and insecure methods of connecting with fellow car owners. Experience the convenience, security, and simplicity of the ScanNcall to Connect Car Owner Instantly QR Code System. Empower yourself with the ability to establish instant connections without compromising your privacy. BUY your ScanNcall QR code today and enhance your car owner experience!


For car owners, this system provides peace of mind. They can rest assured that they will be promptly notified if something requires their attention, allowing them to take immediate action to protect their vehicle and address any potential problems.

How To Buy QR Code

Built with cutting-edge technology, we ensure that all your details are safe when someone scans and contacts you via the QR code. The user needs to scan the QR code through their mobile camera, and they will get all your details in encrypted form. Here is how you can get your own ScanNCall QR code

Sign Up

The process starts with you creating a profile by clicking on “Get QR Code” on our website.

Enter Vehicle Details

Up next, you need to enter your vehicle details like the number, company, model, etc.

Book The QR Code

Once you have entered the details, you need to purchase the plan and fill in your details.

QR Code Delivery

In, the end we will be delivering the QR code to your doorsteps as soon as possible.

Be A Part Of Our Family

Here is how you can be a part of our QR family-

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    If the QR code gets misplaced you can order a new one but at a discounted price. However, the new code that you will get will be different from the existing one.
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